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Librarian:  Miss Sonya  Direct Line: (209) 257-7746


  • Over 3000 books & periodicals
  • 1 week's worth of the current issues of the Ledger Dispatch newspaper
  • Checkout of books –1 AR book per student
  • Hours open 8:00AM - 3:30PM on School days Monday – Friday
  • Study Hall passes are available through lunchtime up until the 1st Bell
  • Accounting for lost textbooks is processed in the library

The Argonaut High School Library consists of a single room with Chrome Books for students use with internet access and 1 networked laserjet printer.  Our librarian assists students with books selection and is the Administrator for the AR program and monitors Tests for Teachers in other subject areas. Working in conjunction with other departments, our librarian continues to develop the listing of books, videos, and periodicals. The Library is available for Study Hall use each day.

To gain access to the internet on campus a form known as the Amador County Office of Education Student Application for Educational Use of District Technology must be completed and signed by a parent/guardian and student and remain on file in the library.

Accelerated Reader (AR)
With the new AR system a password is needed to access your student AR account. As a student you need both your predetermined username and password to be able to take a test. The password and user name can be obtained once by going to the Librarian with a photo identification. The Librarian will then give you your information to keep with you. Future need of the username and password will be available from their English Teacher. If this information is lost, there is a penalty for each time you need the required information of a deduction of words from your total amount of words that were obtained during that marking period.


If parents or students are interested in following their progress with AR go to website - click on: AR Home Connect
and follow the directions provided. It will show progess for each quarter of the school year.

To learn the word count, points, book level of a particular book, the website will be able to assist. Also, our AR program keeps track of your total word count each time a test is taken.

  1. Go to
  2. Next click store
  3. Click quiz search.
  4. This will take you to a page where you will be able to put in the title of a book or other information that could lead to the search.
  5. Once the book is found, click on the title, scroll down and the word count will be on that page.

Additional Resources

Links for Library Resources in Mobile Apps
These Links are for research purposes for students to use in high school or afterwords.

   Mobile Library Apps - Mikkelsen Library

   Library Research - Apps for Academics - MIT LIbraries