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Sports this Week and more



Graduation @ Field 8:00PM


Summer Vacation June 8th - August 7th

Pre-Service days August 6 & 7, 2015


No news posted

Clubs and Organizations


Anti-Bully Club -  Cameron Duggan, Teresa Floyd

Band    Director:  Heather Walkover

Book Club – Matt Gough

Christian Club – Matt Hovey

Community Service Club – Laura Muller

CSF – Matt Gough

Drama   Director:  Dale Flint

Environmental Club –  Kelsi Himmel

FFA –  Shannon Clark, David Salzer

Hispanic Club –  Teresa Floyd

NERDS –  Sara Zaslaw

Photography Club –  Matt Gough

Power Lifting –  Rick Davis

Science Club –  Kelsi Himmel


Student Council –  Scott Hunkins

Yearbook Advisor –  Laura Muller


Freshmen Class Advisor –  Laura Muller

Sophomore Class Advisor –  Chris Lucke

Junior Class Advisor –  Teresa Floyd

Senior Class Advisor –  Carrie Foster


Conserving Water

Did you know that if you reduce showers by just 2 minutes you could save 3,650 gallons per year – Wow!  Help us conserve water by taking shorter showers.  Save over 200 gallons a month by shutting that tap off when brushing your teeth!  Take this drought seriously.  Brought to you by the Environmental Club!

Students IN THE NEWS

2015 Local Scholarship & Athletic Awards Night on Thursday May 7th, 2015 in the Gymnasium

ROP Health Careers Graduation 2015